Pilates is a system of physical exercises to correct muscular imbalance, improve posture and co-ordination, balance, strength and flexibility.  These, along with a focus on increasing breathing capacity forms the cornerstone of the Pilates method. In Jospeh  Pilates own words: It is an exercise and breathing regime that develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.“ In explaining the guiding principle, he liked to quote Schiller: ‘lt is the mind itself which builds the body’. The benefits of Pilates include better posture through body alignment there by reducing pain and illness while increasing flexibility, brain function, grace and control.

 Graston Technique

Graston is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that uses specially designed instruments to assist the therapist with reducing inflammation and edema, assisting in pain reduction and scar tissue mobilization. The instruments assist in fascial mobilization and can help to release soft tissue restrictions thus helping to facilitate increased mobility. 

Manual Therapy

The therapists at Premier Physical Therapy use several different manual therapy techniques based on their own personal background and techniques they have honed over years of practice and experience.


The SFMA is used by the therapist to help assist them in evaluating mobility and musculoskeletal concerns when pain is present. Simply put, it helps to identify dysfunctions in movement patterns. The brain controls the body and remembers movement patterns. Multiple regions of the body can be affected with limitations and changes in movement when pain is present even if the pain isn’t present at the site of dysfunction. Therefore, the therapist is guided to a faster, more efficient treatment when observing asymmetries or changes in movement patterns. The SFMA allows the therapist to identify regions of the body that are lacking mobility or stability and treat accurately to restore pain free mobility.