Therapeutic Exercise & Pilates

Manual Therapy & Graston Technique

Modalities for Pain Modulation

We are a well established clinic with each therapist having over 14 years of experience!

This gives us a unique and highly qualified advantage to serve the Maui community!

The Secret of Success

Open Communication 
 Listening Boldly
 Open Minded 
Each person is unique 
Up to Date and Informed
 Mutual Respect
Work Together
 Friendly and Caring

Our Clinics

Wailuku and Kihei

Patient testimonials

Read more about what our patient’s are saying about us!

LISA was the best! SHe helped to reduce my pain and get me back to golfing!

Patient A

Malia has helped me many times over the years and I can’t thank her enough! She is wonderful!

Patient B

Our Therapists

Malia Kimura

Physical Therapist

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